Get to know me – Sabrina Matthews (Sab)

get to know me - Sabrina Matthews bio pictureTo get to know me, we have to start at the beginning. Born in the rich cultural tapestry of Bangladesh and nurtured in the innovative landscape of the United States, my journey as a developer has been anything but ordinary. Initiated into the world of code in 2009, I’ve dedicated more than a decade to honing my craft. My formal education culminated in a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology – Digital Media, from Georgia Gwinnett College.


From an early age, creativity ran through my veins. I spent countless hours sketching and painting, unaware that this artistic inclination would seamlessly blend into my future profession. Today, my portfolios are not just collections of code but galleries of artistry—each WordPress website I design stands as a testament to this union of creativity and technology.

At the core of my professional ethos is an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. With this mission in mind, I founded GGA Digital, an agency focused on delivering nothing short of perfection. We create timeless designs and employ cutting-edge coding practices to ensure minimal technical debt, ensuring that our solutions are not just current but future-proof.


My professional journey has been enriched through collaborations with a variety of industry heavyweights. I’ve had the privilege of contributing to esteemed digital marketing agencies like PureRED, Luckie & Co., Big Red Rooster, and Cardinal Digital Marketing. My skillset also found a place in the corporate world, where I provided high-level consultancy for Georgia Pacific, a Fortune 500 company. In each role, my expertise in UI/UX design, product development, and web development has consistently elevated the project at hand.

So, what makes me a unicorn in a field teeming with horses? It’s my unique ability to inject a bit of magic into everything I touch. Whether it’s a website that captures your brand’s essence or a user interface that feels like second nature, my work aims to enchant, engage, and elevate. Because in a world increasingly defined by ones and zeros, everyone could use a sprinkle of magic. Now I feel you finally know me.